The Masters Round 1

Today was a bit of a struggle at the Masters. Obviously, going in to this week, I knew it was going to be difficult with the stiffness and fatigue I’m feeling in my forearm. But I thought I might be able to drive the ball a little better than I did in the opening round.

It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s no fun to play poorly. You certainly don’t smile as big or enjoy the day as you do when your game is going right.

The trouble I have is with my full swing so it shows up with mostly my driver. I get to the top of my backswing and my arm just is too weak to stay straight.

In my mind I want to keep my swing short but the arm just keeps bending – and that’s just the ligament and the strength in my forearm. Somehow, I need to find more endurance in it. I’m not really sure how I’ll do that but obviously right now, it’s not working.

Still, there were some positives on the day. The rest of my game is solid. I hit some great approach shots today and made some good saves too. But when you drive it bad, you’re starting out behind the eight-ball and you have to play catch up.

For instance on nine today, I hit my tee shot into the trees on the right. I hit a punch shot out into the fairway and then hit my wedge to three feet and made the putt. There were some good shots in there but it’s a tough way to make a par.

I also really enjoyed watching Corey play his first Masters round. While his score wasn’t what he wanted, I was impressed with how he hit the ball and executed his game plan. He is going to have a great future in this game and I’ll bet he is back at the Masters before too long.

One last good thing about today is that there’s another round tomorrow. I’ll come out and try and to play better, one shot at a time.

As always, thanks for your support.