September Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog and for that, I apologize. A lot has been happening both on and off the golf course – it’s been a busy period but a very good one in many aspects.

I haven’t played many tournaments of late. While I love competing, it’s also not a bad thing as I continue to try and sort out my swing. I’m not sure when my next start will be but possibly the Sanderson Farms Championship.

Right now I’m still working hard on my game. I did suffer a relapse of elbow pain and was forced to take some time off but thankfully it wasn’t anything serious.

I truly enjoy practicing and trying to improve. But when it comes to the future, I’m not exactly sure what my plan is. A lot of what happens is likely going to be based on how my game responds. If I see some progress I’d be happy to play in Europe or on the Tour.

But physically right now, my arm simply won’t let me swing the way I used to. I can’t get my hand into the proper positions and so it’s a search to find a way to make it work.

Right now, I want to improve my game not only to possibly play on tour regularly again but also just to be able to play golf with my pals and enjoy it. I’m a competitive person and I still want to play.

So I will work hard but if my game doesn’t turn around, it’s not do or die. My golf career, while certainly important, isn’t everything to me at this point. If I never hit another shot on the PGA Tour, I’ve accomplished more than I ever dreamed I would in my career. I could walk away satisfied. I don’t want to do that just yet, but I’m comfortable knowing what I’ve done.

I read a quote from former NFL player Ray Lewis recently who said: “Run it hard until the well runs dry.” That’s where I am with my golf right now. Well see how it goes.

And these days, I have a lot of other things on my plate. I did some commentary work at the PGA Championship in July and really enjoyed that. I heard from friends and colleagues that they liked my work, which is a good feeling. I especially enjoyed being in the booth although walking out on the course – which is a lot harder a job than it might seem – is fun too.

I’ve been approached by Golf Channel to go to Florida for a week or two in the fall and join them in studio and I may do that.
Family life has been busy as well as I took my eldest daughter off to university a few weeks ago – as I’m sure many parents know that’s an emotional moment and a life passage. I’m proud of her and know that she’ll be getting a fabulous education and some great life experiences.

My youngest daughter is now busy with soccer and I’m more than happy being a soccer dad, going to her games and cheering her on.

I’ve also been following lots of Canadian golf and I’m thrilled to see Brad Fritsch and Mackenzie Hughes make it to the PGA Tour for next year. I’m sure they’ll do well as they join the other four who’ve all had strong seasons.

And it’s great to see the women playing well. Brooke Henderson is exciting to watch – what a season she’s having! — and it’s wonderful that Alena Sharp and Maude-Aimee LeBlanc are having career years.

Like many of you, I’m interested to see the return of Tiger Woods. I think he made a smart decision in allowing his body to heal fully this time. He’s young enough that he can still achieve a lot and I truly believe that if he didn’t think he could compete and win, that he wouldn’t be coming back.

I hope that it won’t be quite as long until my next update here. I thank you for continuing to support me.