RBC Canadian Open Round 3

Saturday’s round was more of the same, unfortunately. I just couldn’t seem to get in a groove and keep my game going.

I really don’t feel that I’m playing that poorly right now, but there is definitely some inconsistency. I seem to hit good shots or have good holes but I can’t sustain it. I’ll need to find some consistency if I want to post a good score on Sunday.

There were some good opportunities today. I started off with a three-putt on the par-3 fifth but made that up with a birdie on the eighth after I hit a great fairway bunker shot and then made a good putt.

I had a couple more bogeys on the back nine along with one birdie to wrap up my day. There were some opportunities and even if I saw one or two putts go in, it would turn an average round into a good one.

In situations like these, there isn’t really much you can do except what Byron Nelson said – just dig it out of the dirt. I just need to keep working and that’s what I did after my round on Saturday. I don’t feel I’m far off from a good round but I need to sharpen up everything just a little bit. The good thing about the PGA Tour is that there’s always the next round or the next tournament.

I’d love to be able to put a good one on the board on Sunday just as a way of thanking everyone in Montreal for the tremendous support. The crowds have been supporting me every step of the way. I got a very nice ovation on the 18th today and those things mean a lot, especially when you are fighting your game.

So weather permitting, I’ll get out there and give it my best. That’s what we Canadians do in the RBC Canadian Open.

Thanks for your support.