October Update

It’s been a while since I posted on here and probably too long since I updated you all on what’s been happening in my world.

First of all everything is going great. Life is good and I’m feeling very positive about so many things.

After stepping away from the PGA Tour last summer, I actually put my clubs away for seven weeks – no swings whatsoever. That’s probably one of the longest stretches since I started playing the game back as a junior.

Instead, I spent a lot of time with my daughters, doing the things most parents do – watching them play sports, going on vacations and just enjoying our time together.

We spent some of the summer in Europe, which was a lot of fun and a great break for us all.

Now I’m back at it, trying to gear up my game again. I’ve been working hard and feeling good about things. I’m back working with David Leadbetter and he and I have been in regular contact, sharing videos of my swing and building out a plan for me to work on. I’m hoping to see him in the next few weeks for a few one-on-one sessions to take the next steps.

The break let me get away from some of the bad habits I had in my swing and, under David’s watchful eye, start progressing to the point where I am hitting it better.

My troubles were really around my longer clubs – especially off the tee. The longer the club, the more the swing flaws were exposed. That’s what we’ve been trying to fix and the plan we have in place is starting to take shape.

All that said, I don’t yet have a timetable for when I’ll try to go back on the PGA Tour. I’ve played golf with friends and I can tell when I’m out there that my game isn’t ready yet, but it’s moving in the right direction.

I may play in the Shark Shootout and possibly at Taylor Made event at Pebble Beach – I think those will give me a good indication of where I’m at. I want to make sure that when I go back, my game is ready for the PGA Tour.

As well as the physical break, the time off was great mentally too. It was hard being out there and shooting bad numbers. It’s no fun shooting 75, I can assure you. Now, I feel refreshed and with a much better outlook on where I am and where I’m going with my game.

If there’s one thing I miss, it’s probably the competition. That was ramped up as I watched the Presidents Cup last week. I was thinking back to my time on those teams and how exciting and charged up the atmosphere was. I’d still like to get back and play on another team.

Some day I also hope that I can play a part, perhaps as a captain or assistant captain, on the International Team. I think I have a lot to offer the players and the overall event. But there are a lot of worthy guys to be captain and I really think the Internationals will just keep improving. Nick Price has really raised the bar.

The other team I’ve had my eye on is the Blue Jays! I’m definitely on the bandwagon and I hope they can keep it going. My family tells me just how exciting the atmosphere is in Toronto and across Canada and I’ll be cheering from down here in Utah.

It’s been too long since I’ve updated you but just know that I am very grateful for your continued support. When the time is right, I’ll be back on tour and knowing I have so many fans behind me will be a big help.

As always, thanks for your support.