2016 Masters Tournament

Another year at Augusta National has come and gone, and with it, lots of great memories of one of the greatest events in sports.

My week was interesting and different in a number of ways. First, on the course, I really saw some progress in my game. On Thursday and Friday I felt really good with my driver.

As many of you know, that’s the club I’ve been struggling with and so it was nice to see the ball landing in the fairway more often. I know the scores I posted weren’t the best but Augusta National is a pretty difficult place to try and find your game.

I think much of the progress I made was due to my work with David Leadbetter. He was here in Augusta this week and that was the first time we’ve been together at a tournament in some time. We talk on the phone quite a bit and I’ve gone to see him at his place in Florida but to have him there to walk around and see me in tournament play was very helpful.

We found a few things in my setup that are proving beneficial and I’m hoping I can carry them with me into the RBC Heritage this week at Hilton Head.

In addition to playing golf, I also took on some new duties as a television analyst for TSN and CTV. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I have to say it was a really fun experience.

Working with James Duthie, Bob Weeks and producer Jamie Reidel was eye-opening in many ways. I didn’t realize how much preparation is involved, how long the days are for them, how hard the crew works and also how much access to data the announcers get. There was also a lot of down time compared to how often we were actually on the air. That’s pretty common in television I was told. I also learned the new phrase: “Television – hurry up and wait.”

But I like to talk about the game and I hope that I was able to provide insight into what was happening on the course and with certain players. It’s something I’m hoping I can do more of in the future.

Again, I was able to have lots of family and friends down in Augusta this year. We have a wonderful tradition of combining a great tournament with some fun social times. It’s something I look forward to every year.

I’m heading off for another week on tour and I remain full of optimism that my game will keep improving. I have a number of events on my calendar after the RBC Heritage including New Orleans, the Byron Nelson and also the French Open. When I’m over in Europe, I’ll also try to qualify for the Open Championship.

As always, thanks for your support.