2015 Masters Tournament

I’ve arrived at the Masters, and as is always the case whenever I come here, I’m excited for the year’s first major.

There is nothing quite like playing the Masters. That drive down Magnolia Lane each year is so special and everything that is done here is first class. They treat the players so well from the moment you arrive.

Now I wish I could tell you that I’m 100 per cent here, but that’s not the case. My arm that started bothering me in Los Angeles is still tender and that is affecting the amount of work I can put in to prepare for the tournament. It’s just not strong enough to do the things I want to do with it.

Having said that, I’ve been working on the range, especially focusing on my short game and putting. And I’m pleased with those aspects of my game. Of course, I know this course pretty well so that helps. I have also been playing the course, although in small bursts. I played the front nine on Monday and then did the back on Tuesday. I will also play one more nine on Wednesday morning.

My preparation is limited because I don’t want to strain or re-injure my arm. For that reason, I’ve decided to pass on the Par 3 Contest this year. I always love playing there but I need to save my arm for the tournament.

All of this doesn’t mean I’m not going to be ready come Thursday morning. Any time I play at Augusta, I get charged up. There’s not another tournament in the world that can really get me as excited to play as this one. Knowing all the history here, and the legends that have walked on the fairways, and of course knowing that I’ve won, makes it easy to get up for the tournament.

The course is in excellent shape, but that’s not really a surprise. I can’t recall ever seeing it when it’s not in perfect condition. From the weather forecasts it looks like it will be wet here, and I think that will actually help me. If the greens are holding, that will allow me to hit longer clubs into them.

The year I won at Augusta, it was very wet and that played into my game well, so perhaps it’s a good sign for the coming week and my performance.

I’m excited to be playing the first two rounds alongside Corey Conners, the young Canadian player who is making his debut at Augusta as an amateur. I haven’t seen him hit the ball yet, but we’re planning to play nine holes together on Wednesday morning. I’m looking forward to seeing his game, which is obviously impressive when you look at all the great achievements he’s already had. Just to be in the field here at his age is a tremendous accomplishment. It says a lot for Corey and a lot for the state of Canadian golf.

The Masters is special for me and I’m glad I’m here, even if I’m not at my best. There’s nothing like being in Augusta in April.

As always, thanks for your support.