2014 Masters Round 3

I know my score doesn’t show it, but I really don’t feel as though I played much differently today than I did on Friday. This has been a very difficult golf course and there is a fine edge between a good day and a bad day. On Saturday, I felt that I hit some really good shots, especially on the back. A lot of times, I wasn’t rewarded or I was off by a foot. On most courses, you can get away with a few errors but not at Augusta National. You have to be nearly perfect with every swing.

A lot of times on Saturday, it felt like I hit it just like I wanted but the result didn’t turn out as planned. It’s like seeing a basketball just about to go through the hoop only to be rejected at the last second.

For example, on 14 today, I thought my ball was going to end up about a foot away from the pin. Instead, it just missed, rolled away and I had a long putt instead of a tap-in.
On 18, my approach looked like it was going to roll up the green and stop right by the hole but it just ran out of steam six inches too soon and rolled all the way back.
Even at the start of my game, I thought I was hitting it well but on the second, after two good swings, my ball ended up in a semi-plugged lie in the bunker.

Even though I’ve played here for the past 15 years, I still get frustrated when things like this happen. It’s hard to get a bad result from what you think is a great shot. But that’s Augusta National and everyone goes through it at some point.

Now having said all that, I certainly wasn’t 100 per cent out there on every swing. My short game was off and I missed a few up and downs. I also had a couple of three putts after getting on the wrong side of the hole.

Today, I never really got into any kind of a flow with my game. I just couldn’t find the momentum. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why. You just hope that the next time you play you find it.

That’s what I’m hoping for on Sunday. I just want to come out and play a good, solid 18 holes. I know there will probably be some tough shots and a few breaks
that won’t go my way, but this is the Masters. It’s not really supposed to be easy. And it is still fun.

As always, thanks for your support.