Mike Weir The Interview

Masters Champ Mike Weir joins us this week on the Coach Glass Podcast. We recorded this epic episode live from Mike’s home in Utah during a mini training camp.

Weirsy shares the secrets that got him on tour and how the methodology has changed over the years. Mike shares stories about the dark years that followed winning the and what motivated him to make his comeback this year. Everyone has been asking Mike “Are you training for the seniors tour?” and you won’t believe his reaction. We also discuss his other passions including the Mike Weir Foundation which you can get more info or donate at www.mikeweir.com. Lets cheer Mike on this summer and send love his way @mweirsy on Instagram and Twitter. As a gift to all of you for your support I want to give you access to the same Gym Warm Up that Mike uses to prepare himself on game day and before off day workouts along with a complete transcript of this interview for those of you who like the written version.

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