This year is almost complete and overall, I’m happy with where I am with my golf game. I’ve made some fairly significant strides with my swing in the past 12 months and now when I step on to the tee, I no longer have any questions about how I’m going to swing or what I need to work on. There are also zero health concerns now – none whatsoever. They were gone most of this year, but there were always a few lingering doubts in the back of my mind. I’m happy to head into January with a fresh outlook and a lot of positives.

Of course the new season has already started and I played in all the events for which I was eligible. Of those four events, I made the cut in three but can’t say I really scored well. It was a bit hit and miss, however, I was happy to be out there playing and I still have a lot of passion for teeing it up on the PGA Tour each week.

I have just one event left, the Franklin Templeton Shootout hosted by Greg Norman. I’m really looking forward to this one because my partner is going to be Graham DeLaet. I’ve come to know Graham over the last couple of years and we’ve played some practice rounds together. The format for the event includes one round of two-man scramble and I can tell you I’m excited to play it from where Graham drives it – he’s really long!

It will be great to be Team Canada and I’m sure there will be a lot of Canadian fans down there in Florida to cheer us on. How many of those do you think will be wearing Saskatchewan Roughrider sweaters? Congrats to the new Grey Cup champs!

Graham has had a sensational year, very consistent and I think if golf fans outside of Canada didn’t know him before the President’s Cup, they sure know him know. He’ll be fun to watch in 2014.

After some down time over the holidays, I’ll be heading over to Hawaii to get ready for the first event of 2014. I’m going to go a bit early to get my game ready and then play in the SONY Open. That will be the start of a busy stretch for me as I’m probably going to play just about every event on the West Coast. I’ve always played well in the tournaments in that part of the season and I like the courses, so I’m just going to tee it up wherever I can.

One thing about being where I am with my game this year is that I can now devote a balanced amount of time to my short game. In the past, I really had to spend the time on my full swing. That’s where it all starts and it makes it really hard to score if I’m playing out of the trees, the bunkers or the rough. You can do that if you’re a big hitter but when you have to play those shots with a four or five-iron as I do, it makes it tough. I feel I have that under control now, so I can work on my wedge play and putting and get those areas dialed in as well.

Speaking of dialed in, I’m going to be at the TaylorMade headquarters in a few weeks to get all my equipment fine-tuned. I recently renewed my deal with TaylorMade and I couldn’t be happier to be playing with the best gear in the game. I’m also ready for some upgrades – right now, I’m not using the new SLDR just yet, but I’ve tried it out. When I get to the testing facility, I’m hoping I can get dialed in and put that great new technology in my bag.

This will be a big year for me, as I want to continue my journey back to being among the best in the world. I’m not really worried about using up my last career money list exemption because I feel I can get my game back to a place where I don’t have to worry about exemptions and instead focus on playing great golf and winning tournaments. I’m excited about the mind frame I’m in right now, and I know this is going to be a special year.

One of the greatest parts about the season that just finished is the continued support that I receive from fans everywhere. Over the last few years while I was struggling to regain my health and my game, the great letters and words of encouragement I received inspired me to keep going. Please know that you have made a difference – I hear and read everything you send my way, and it means a lot.

The Weir family will be staying close to home this Christmas, enjoying family time and activities. I hope that you also get to enjoy all the fun and special occasions of this holiday season and that 2014 brings you great joy.

Please remember those less fortunate and do something to help at this time of year.

As you know The Mike Weir Foundation helps support many Children’s charities across Canada. I urge you to visit to make a donation of any amount to help us help children in Canada. Every loonie and toonie will make a difference and it will all be gratefully received. Your generosity really does make a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you again for your support in 2013 – all the best for a happy and healthy 2014.