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Tue, 17 Jan 2012 15:59:02

Slowly but surely I'm working my way back into playing shape. Over the past month or so, my recovery from elbow surgery has been very promising. I've been practicing regularly and even playing full rounds.
This weekend, I'm hoping to put things to another test by playing three consecutive days. That should give me an indication of how close I am to being able to play again on Tour.

So far, when I've played, there hasn't been any pain. I've been sore after the round, which is to be expected, but nothing that would indicate any problems. My doctors seem to think things are right on track.

I'll be interested to see how my arm feels after the three rounds. I've been pretty careful with how much I've pushed the recovery. I'll hit some balls one day and then take a day off. And I've slowly built up from hitting little wedge shots off a tee to full swings and playing a round. But I still want to be careful. There's no sense coming this far in the rehab and then doing something silly and suffering a setback.

At the moment, I'm targeting Pebble Beach as my first start of the 2012 season. I think that's a realistic target but I probably won't know for sure until a week or 10 days before I have to commit.

Of course I'm very anxious to get back out there, which makes all this waiting tough. As a player, I want to play. I want to be competing, not sitting at home. That's like being a race horse locked up in the barn.
I haven't looked specifically at any events beyond Pebble as I want to see how I feel after a tournament and whether I can play a few weeks in a row or if I need to take time off in between. But I'm certainly starting to consider how my year will play out. As most people know, I've joined the European Tour and will play over there when there isn't the opportunity to play in North America.

I had considered playing in the Abu Dhabi and Qatar, but it was just a long way to go to test things out. There are some events on that tour that look interesting to play such as the French Open, the BMW and of course all the events they have in the Fall. I think it will be interesting and a wonderful chance to play on the European Tour and see different parts of the world. Of course it would also be nice to play well at the start of the PGA Tour and then be able to choose when and where I tee it up.

Even though the PGA Tour is underway for 2012, I haven't watched any golf on TV while I've been at home. But I did hear that the Canadians did quite well in Hawaii, which is great to hear. I'll be following the progress of David, Graham, Stephen and all the rest as I get set to re-join them.

As always, thanks for your support,